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Warranty Policy

This warranty policy describes terms and conditions on warranty on our products.

Last updated: May 01, 2020

1. General terms

ELTIM offers a 5- to 7-year warranty to its customers under the conditions set in this warranty policy. The warranty applies to functional defects in ELTIM lighting products resulting from defects in the materials used or irregularities in the ELTIM production process, provided that the product is mounted and used in accordance with our installation instructions and requirements.

We guarantee that any product sold under the brand name ELTIM is free of malfunctions and production and/or material defects under normal conditions of use for the warranty period, starting from the invoice or delivery note date. This warranty policy applies to all ELTIM products.

2. Scope of Warranty

a. The warranty shall apply under the following conditions

The product has been installed and put in operation by an authorized person in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The maintenance services on the product have been conducted by an authorized person in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

The temperature, voltage, and humidity have never exceeded the limit values. (In Europe, 230V electrical installations shall not be subject to voltage variation greater than 230V ± 10%, in the U.S. and Canada, 110V electrical installations shall not be subject to voltage variation greater than 110V ± 10%, the temperature range where the product is used shall be 25 °C ± 5 °C, unless otherwise specified on the product documentation, relative humidity shall not exceed 80%, and if a certain IP value is provided on the product, it shall not be exceeded)
The customer has duly paid for the product in accordance with the payment terms of the relevant sales contract. The warranty does not exceed 50,000 hours (L80, B10) unless otherwise specified on the product documentation.

The warranty expires immediately if the customer or third parties make or perform changes or repairs, without prior written approval from ELTIM.

b. The warranty does not cover

Any extra costs resulting from any work required to repair the defect, such as the costs of the installation and removal of the product, the transport of the defective and repaired or new product, disposal, travel and transit time, lifting equipment and scaffolding, software reinstallations and updates, or any other similar expenses. These costs shall be charged to the customer: normal wear and tear and worn items, software defects, bugs, viruses, and similar.
Electronic components (batteries of emergency modules etc.), products that ELTIM markets as merchandise (also separately sold drivers) as well as luminaires by other manufacturers or light management systems. For those items the supplier’s warranty is applied. Mechanical damage and faults caused by the buyer’s or third party’s incorrect handling of the product. Any damages caused by transport unless stated differently in the contract. Damage and faults caused by natural disasters or major force (lightning, earthquake, fire, floods, etc.) that cannot be ascribed to a defective manufacturing process of the product.
Damage and faults caused by the incorrect electrical voltage (for example, power surges and similar). If the product has been subjected to electrical loads and/or mechanical and/or chemical stresses that are inconsistent with its normal use. Special production orders for electrical components specified and submitted by the customer, unless otherwise agreed in the contract. Settings or parameter adjustments to equipment that has changed due to wear, fatigue, or dirt. Deviations of the product from illustrations or data in our catalogues or other sales documents.

c. Additional information on LED products

In the case of controllers or components such as LED modules, the mean nominal failure rate is 0.2%/1,000 hours of operation, unless expressly indicated otherwise. A decrease of luminous flux in the case of the LED modules is up to 0.4% every 1,000 hours and a color point shift over the service life of LED modules shall be considered as the state of technology and thus not covered by the warranty. The luminous flux and performance of new LED modules are subject to a tolerance of ± 10%. In the case that LED modules are replaced, lighting properties may vary from the original product due to technical progress and usage-induced change in the luminous flux and light color of products.

3. Conditions of establishing claims

We are constantly improving our efficiency in solving complaints. For that reason, we have implemented a procedure that helps you notify us about your complaint very simply. If you have a complaint, please contact us through our website.

We reserve the right to be allowed a reasonable period of time to check the products. The customer shall bear the costs in the event that the products must be sent back to us for checking purposes. Complaint may be claimed in accordance with the warranty conditions and general conditions of the contract.

4. Fulfillment of warranty obligations

ELTIM offers a warranty for all products marked with the ELTIM trademark. The warranty exclusively covers product failures that are caused by proven material, design, or manufacturing flaws and exceed the mean nominal failure rate. The notification shall be inserted in the online complaint form with corresponding proof of the defect that has appeared.

For products under warranty, the manufacturer shall be free to decide at its sole discretion whether to repair or replace the product with the same type or equivalent product (subject to any technological progress that has occurred as from the release of the original product), or refund the purchase price. When the warranty has been fulfilled, the warranty period does not start to run again. The buyer shall prove compliance with the conditions of clause 2.0.

All replacement products or parts may contain new materials whose performance and reliability are equivalent to new products or parts. The dimensions and design may deviate from the original product or part. The functionality of all replacement products or parts is equivalent to that of the product being replaced. The replaced products or parts shall not exhibit any material or manufacturing defects in the applicable warranty period.

In the case that the claim was not justified as a mistake of the manufacturer, the total cost of the intervention (transport, travel, inspection time) will be charged to the customer.

5. Disclaimer

Regarding issues that are not dealt by the warranty, the general conditions of the contract with ELTIM that also applied at the time of the issue of the warranty shall apply.

With the submission of the complaint form from clause 3.0, the buyer confirms that he or she is familiar with ELTIM’s general conditions, and agrees without reservation to the provisions described above.

We shall not assume any liability extending beyond this warranty. In particular, under this warranty, we shall not assume liability for any indirect, special, or consequential damage, or for any financial loss including the loss of actual or expected profits, interest, earnings, expected savings or expected business, damage to goodwill, or damage of any kind incurred by third parties. Our implied warranty shall remain unchanged, however, and shall apply in addition to this warranty.

Liability from this warranty shall be restricted to the purchase price of the products affected. It is subsidiary to a liability arising from other legal reasons. An entitlement to additional services or payments, or any services and payments exceeding the actual value of the damage, may not be derived from this warranty.

Unless otherwise specified in this contract, this contract is governed by the Law of the Republic of Austria regardless of the conflict of law rules of this country. The provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.

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