Research and Development

ELTIM develops and produces high-quality lighting primarily for heavy industry installations.

Research and development of LED lighting systems and smart technologies

We’re constantly improving our ideas as we fulfill various custom requests, and we only release new products when they’ve been brought to the point of perfection. We work in all segments of LED lighting with a broad portfolio of technologies and high-performance partners that combines individual components to create tailor-made complete solutions, always perfectly tailored to customer needs and application areas.

Production of LED luminaires with a focus on heavy industry (dusty environments and high ambient temperatures of up to 80 °C) and products customized for specific customer requirements

Our goal is to produce the best from the best, with high-quality materials, experts with extensive know-how, and incorporating the latest technological innovations. Carefully selected materials only become the best products with maximum attention to creating perfection.

Lighting design and calculations (IES or LDT files)

By designing all products in-house, ELTIM maintains control over the components that go into each product. In cooperation with the sales and marketing department, our R&D Team develops the products that customers are looking for, with top quality and maximum functionality.

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