Planning and Trading

ELTIM offers comprehensive solutions in all areas of lighting.

Lighting situation analysis

Accurate calculations of illuminance (lux) on a surface or work plane are based on a quality lighting analysis. As building information modeling (BIM) continues to evolve, it is only natural that we now have more advanced features in the world of lighting design.

Lighting project calculations

In the initial phase of preparing a dedicated project to improve or restore your lighting, we first perform all the necessary photometric calculations and also prepare a financial analysis of energy consumption. We prepare lighting designs for new construction projects in cooperation with designers and architects.

Consulting to select the appropriate LED luminaires

We are lighting experts that look to reduce your lighting energy consumption as much as possible at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the correct light levels for your building. We consult and work with you to bring about the fastest payback on your investment while achieving the greatest return on your investment over the life of your LED products. We look to design the best possible LED lighting solution for your facilities.

Savings calculation and preparation of the financial plan

We make converting to LED lighting easy, by providing a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes consultations, site lighting audits, researching and administering utility lighting incentives, lighting design, payback and ROI energy assessments, installation, financing, and recycling services. No additional or hidden fees – everything is included in the initial estimate.

Providing solutions for smart buildings and smart cities

Smart lighting solutions tackle the challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies by using solutions that provide a new level of connectivity with LED lighting at their core. We provide highly efficient lighting and sensor solutions combined with remote lighting management for organizations, municipalities, communities, and individuals, all of whom benefit from the high ROI and low running costs.

Supplying LED lighting solutions and providing documentation

After careful planning and preparation of the tender documentation, we supply suitable LED light fixtures to the selected contractor and provide our friendly support services during the installation process.

The advantages of the LED luminaires in our portfolio

Energy cost savings

Up to


Savings in CO2 emissions

Up to


No toxic substances

Mercury or Lead


Long service life

More than

50000 hrs

Improved working conditions



High brightness per unit of energy

Full illumination


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